The skull nodded. The eyes that looked out throught the sockets were bright and eager. “I am here to save all of Tir.” It felt rehearsed. Planned. Neirin lifted an arm and pointed a finger at Tom. “And I need him to do it.”

The cover for The Fey Man by James T KellyThe Fey Man is the debut novel by me, James T Kelly. It’s an epic fantasy about a man’s quest to return to Faerie and the war that keeps getting in his way. Think Neil Gaiman written by Robin Hobb with a splash of Arthurian legend.

Here’s the synposis:

Thomas Rymour, the prophet who cannot lie, spent years as a captive in Faerie before he was released against his will. Now he finds himself in the midst of a war. An invasion force from the Western Kingdom marches with enslaved dragons at its head. Everyone hopes Tom’s prophesies can help their war efforts. But Tom isn’t interested in dragons and wars.

The Eastern elfs think an ancient blade can stop the dragons and the quest might be the chance Tom has been waiting for. He’ll have to lie to the elfs and to his friends. He’ll have to escape from those who want his powers for themselves. And he’ll have to face the dragons of the west. If he can survive that, he might just make back it to Faerie.

Assuming the fay let him come back; after all, they have their own plans.

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