6 Social Media Tools Every Writer Should Know About

This post is prompted by a conversation I was having with my dad, who runs Magic at Events. We were talking about whether it’s best to schedule Twitter updates or not and he pointed out that there’s no way of knowing when the best time for a tweet is. When I pointed out that there are some sites that can figure it out for you, he asked me “how do you know about this stuff?” And my answer was “someone told me”. And then I realised I’d been told about a lot of stuff and I should really pass on that knowledge. So here’s 6 Social Media Tools That I Think Are Cool And You Might Too.

Don’t get me wrong here. The purpose of this post is not to say “I use Twitter/Facebook/etc and so should you”. Some social media sites aren’t for everyone. This is strictly about tools; stuff you can use for a specific purpose other than networking.


Put aside the networking aspect and Twitter becomes a fantastic search engine. It’s great for gauging mood, measuring conversation or getting real-time updates. Most of the time you’ll probably use Google, but I recommend making Twitter your secondary search engine. I’ve found links, blogs and people full of information on subjects where Google had let me down. Set up a dummy account and start searching!


I’ve already written about whether or not scheduling social media posts is a good idea but, if you’re convinced, this is the tool to do it with. You can link it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn and App.net. The advantage to Buffer is you don’t have to pick a time for each update. You pick your posting times in advance and drop updates into a queue. You can still specify a certain time for an individual update if you want to. Otherwise you can sit back and let Buffer post for you!


The service that sparked this post. Say you want to schedule your posts but you don’t know when to do so. Tweriod can help you out. It only works with Twitter at the moment but it will analyse your followers and tell you at what times your posts have the greatest potential for reaching them.

Google Alerts

Not quite social media, perhaps, but a good tool all the same. A Google Alert will send you an email when it indexes something matching a search term. Say you want to keep your ear to the ground regarding Branwell Bronte. Set up a Google Alert and, instead of having to search every day, Google will send you an email as and when something is posted.


The next level from Google Alerts, Mention can perform the same service but will trawl blogs, Facebook, Twitter and so on as well. It was suggested to me as a way of keeping track of people who post links to your website; that way you can thank them accordingly! That’s a great use for this tool but it’s a good way of keeping up to date on a certain topic, too.

An RSS Reader

Instead of visiting a dozen different sites to keep up with news on those things you like, download one RSS reader and read all those blogs in one place. Personally I recommend Flipboard but there’s plenty of choice out there.

Do you agree that these are handy tools? Do you disagree? Have I missed any out? Let me know in the comments!

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