In terms of computing, cookies are small files created on your computer by websites when you visit them. They’re often used to store information for the website. For example, if you add an item to your online shopping basket, the site creates a cookie so it can remember the item you’ve added. Otherwise the item would disappear by the time you went to buy it! This website utilises some cookies too. They’re generated by WordPress and Google Analytics.

WordPress creates cookies for anonymous commenters and records the information they enter themselves so that they’ll be recognised when they return to comment again. WordPress also allows cookies for social sharing options, so you can easily share a post on Facebook or Twitter, for instance.

Google Analytics is a tool which enables me to see how many times my site is visited, which posts and pages were viewed and for how long, and so on. It helps website owners make improvements to their sites to better the user’s experience and, hopefully, encourage them to stick around!

None of these cookies will share any private or personal information of yours with me. To be perfectly honest, I don’t want your personal information; I can barely remember my own! The cookies are a necessity of the services I used to build the site and, if I could help it, they wouldn’t use cookies at all. Your data is your own. Pinky swear.

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