Walter Scott's work inspired the character of Thomas Rymour

Creatures of Faerie: Thomas Rymour

Thomas Rymour is the main character of The Fey Man and he’s motivated by just one question: how do I get back to Faerie?

Tom won’t share the exact circumstances of how he was taken to Faerie. All he’ll say is that it was Queen Maev who took him away from Tir. He spent seven years as her silent servant and when she sent him away she gave him an apple. One bite and he was able to glimpse things yet to come and he was unable to tell a lie.

But time moves differently in Faerie. Seven years passed for Tom, but almost a hundred passed in the mortal world of Tir. His wife and son were long dead. He had no-one and nothing. Now he dreams of going back to Faerie, the only place he has left. But he has no idea how, until an old friend comes to visit with a part of elfs in tow…

* * *

Tom has his origins in Thomas the Rhymer (or True Thomas), a figure from Scottish folklore who spent time in Fairyland before returning to Scotland with the same gifts of prophesy and honesty. His story ended in Fairyland, but I felt it was more interesting to tell the story after the story; how do people find focus and meaning after the traumatic and climactic events that lead to “The End”?

Don’t expect Tom to be an epic fantasy hero from the first page. He has no interest in wars and dragons and ancient swords; he’s only interested in returning to Faerie. But it’s a long road and he might not have as much choice in the matter as he’d like.

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