Interview with Artist Annah Wootten: Part One

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but, let’s face it, book covers are pretty important. I knew I had to get the cover to The Fey Man just right. I spent a long time searching for the right artist and I think you’ll agree that Annah Wooten fits the bill! Her work on that cover is just incredible, so I thought I’d ask her a few questions so you could learn more about her!

When did you first realise you wanted to be an artist?

I don’t think there was ever a time when I decided to be one. I did grow up drawing a lot though. My dad’s a graphic artist/illustrator so when I was little I liked to sit at his big drawing board (back in the days before everything was computerised) and doodle. My parents and teachers saw I had an affinity for art, so I think I was always kind of encouraged down that road. Not that I’m complaining though because I love it! But sometimes I wish I could have been clever enough to be an astronaut too!

Who and what would you say are your greatest influences?

It’s varied at different stages of my life. When I was younger it was horses horses horses (being allergic to them meant I had to get my love for them out on paper instead). Then when I was nine or ten I read The Dark is Rising and got hooked on fantasy, so horses turned into unicorns and pegasus’s. I found books on artists like Brom and Luis Royo, and painted gryphons in my GCSE art exams. Around then the internet began to come into its own and I discovered other artists similar to me, and became influenced by them.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Almost anything! Music, people, dreams, and definitely stories. Drawing with the feeling of inspiration is like a dream – it kind of pulls you along for the ride. 

What is your favourite kind of art?

Dark and fantastical.

What’s your favourite medium to work in?

I mostly work in digital (gotta love that ‘undo’ button), but I do oil painting now and again, and I’d like to get back into acrylics.

What are your favourites amongst your body of work?

Whatever I’m currently working on. I have a few very old pieces I still love, but would probably never put up online.

What’s the most difficult commission you’ve ever had?

Possibly one involving a pegasus in the Chrysler building. I wondered how the heck am I going to do that…

I have to ask: what was a pegasus doing in the Chrysler building? Did you pull it off?

I believe he lived and worked there; it was an embassy of sorts, and being on one of the top floors, it was easy for him to get to! And yep, I did finish it.

What would be your dream commission?

Doing concept art for a film!

Come back next week when Annah will tell us how she went about creating that incredible cover for The Fey Man!

And don’t forget, you can download a copy of The Fey Man for free!

Annah Wootten is a concept and 3D artist, illustrator and designer. You can find her on Twitter at @annahwp and at her website

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