James’ First Ebook

I am not dissimilar to many other book lovers in my methods for embracing ebooks. Which is to say I have treated them with distrust, bad-mouthed them behind their backs and possibly even stolen their post (although that can never be proven). However I have known from day one that this is a somewhat churlish attitude to take. After all, I jumped on the music download bandwagon (no pun intended) without qualms. Why not the same with ebooks?

So it was with some trepidation that I bought my first ebook yesterday. The trepidation was not due to the book itself. Having read a sample I was confident that it would continue to be darkly humorous, entertaining and depressingly informative in equal measures (it’s Frank Chalk’s It’s Your Time You’re Wasting if you’re interested; I was). The trepidation is more from the prospect of reading, for the first time, an entire book without holding a book in my hands. I’m also aware that this experiment isn’t perfect as I will be reading it on an iPhone since I don’t own an ereader.

Wish me luck!

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