Lessons From No More Books 2012

They said I’d never make it. Ten months without buying, borrowing or otherwise acquiring any new books? Popular opinion had me snapping and going on an Amazon binge within weeks. That or turning into a drooling fool (more so, that is).

But it’s almost here. The end of No More Books 2012. It’s not been easy. Nor has it been fun. And with my list of books to buy longer than it’s ever been, some people might be asking why I bothered. I asked myself that question many times but I believe it’s a good idea for any bookaholic. Here’s what No More Books has taught me:

1. Use Your Library.

Like most bookaholics, I buy books in the belief that I’ll read them one day. Of course, one day is only rarely today. Until that happens, you’re building up a library with only one member who never steps foot inside. But No More Books forced me to dust off that library card and wander the shelves.

2. There’s Too Many Of Them.

That said, I told myself 2013 would see the library almost exhausted. I was wrong. It won’t make a dent. And, as any character who says “there’s too many of them” is invariably caught and killed, expect my books to devour me any minute.

3. Who Needs New Books?

Why does someone with a burgeoning library of unread books need new ones anyway? No More Books has made me realise that, a lot of the time, buying books comes more from a collector’s mindset than anything else. And whilst owning books gives me pleasure, it’s a hollow joy if I’ll never have time to read them.

4. Kill The Impulse Buy.

It’s easy to rationalise impulse buying a book because society tells us that books are good. They’re educational, increase literacy and all that jazz. Society wants me to buy a book. How can I refuse?

But I’m not made of money and impulse buys can often become paperweights. No More Books stamps out the impulse to buy first and think later. Hopefully that habit will last and make me a more discerning shopper.

5. Discerning Shoppers Save Money.

In theory, anyway. I may or may not have significantly contributed to my DVD collection instead.

Think you’ll give No More Books a try? Or have these been the ravings of a madman? Let me know what you think in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Lessons From No More Books 2012

  1. Christopher Kelly

    Firstly: That picture is awesome!
    Secondly: I am glad to say I haven’t broken NMB2012 either but I have made a small dent in the books I am yet to read. However, from the books I have read, I want their sequels and after getting them I will be back to square one…

    1. James

      It’s cool, isn’t it? I know what you mean, I read the first book in Robin Hobb’s Liveship trilogy and now I have to buy the sequels too. But I think just completing the challenge is enough in and of itself. Chocolate medals for all!


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