Listen, bud, he’s got radioactive blood too!

For anyone unaware of how comics work, here’s a quick rundown: the main characters die, people get sad, then the main characters come back to life. Sometimes other people dress up as the hero for a time, but we all know the real hero is never truly dead. Superman, Batman, Thor, we all know they’ll come back one day.

Recently, Brian Michael Bendis killed Spider-man. Peter Parker got shot with a gun and died. The next month the title was relaunched with a new character, Miles Morales. Same old same old.

But this new Spider-man has a brand new cast of characters. The old ones are nowhere to be seen. And, more surprising than anything else, we’re two issues in and Miles Morales still hasn’t put a costume on. That means two months have gone by without a spandexed punch-up!

Coupled with Bendis’ usual excellent dialogue and careful plotting, I’m starting to wonder if this new Spider-man could be here to stay. My spider sense is tingling. But in a good way.

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