My Problem with Kindle Matchbook

Kindle Matchbook is a great idea: buy a paperback and get the ebook version at a discounted price (or even free). It’s a nice reward for a reader and it helps remove the format quandry (as ebooks are often cheaper but not as nice to own). There’s just one problem with Kindle Matchbook.

It’s not universal.

It’s not available in every country and, of course, you can’t make use of it if you have a non-Kindle ereader device or app. I enrolled The Fey Man in Matchbook but I’m painfully aware that my UK-based readers, for instance, can’t take advantage of it. And anyone reading their ebooks on a Kobo or iDevice are out in the cold too.

So here’s my solution: if you bought a copy of The Fey Man in paperback and you want a free copy of the ebook version, take a picture or yourself with it and post it to my Facebook Page or upload it to Twitter (be sure to mention me with @realjtk!) I’ll send you a copy of the ebook in your preferred format (and help you get it on your ereader as well).

(P.S. There’ll be no DRM in this ebook, either, so you’ll be free to share it with friends. Because I’m nice like that.)

2 thoughts on “My Problem with Kindle Matchbook

  1. donna

    Too kind for words! I dont think I had even heard of Matchbook – I would never make a good IT guru

    For anyone considering getting the Fey Man and you havent decided… just DO IT.. Its fabulous

    1. James

      Oh stop, you’ll make me blush. On second thoughts, carry on!

      Matchbook isn’t available for us here in Blighty, which is probably why you haven’t heard of it. But I don’t want people to miss out whilst waiting for their local Amazon site to catch up with the US.


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