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Today I’m going to write about my dad because he’s published a book. I’m not here to sell it to you, but I wanted to talk about it because he’s my dad and because the irony of him publishing a book before me needed addressing!

I’m very lucky to have my dad. He’s unfailingly supportive. He’s got a wife and four kids and he never seems to run out of energy in supporting all of us in whatever we want to do. Not because he feels he has to, but because he genuinely wants us to succeed. He will go above and beyond to help us reach our goals and I try to return the favour, though I doubt I could ever match his efforts.

He’s also quite inspiring. He used to work work for a submarine communications company until that industry decided to have its own recession ten years before everyone else. But the dust hadn’t even decided to rise, let alone settle, before he’d formed his own company, 3rd Sector Skills and set out on his own. Now he provides management, consultancy and training to voluntary organisations and charities (known as the third sector). He does what he’s good at and what he loves and he made it happen for himself. I’m insanely jealous of that.

And now he’s written a book. Running Successful Projects is a project management book, so I thought I’d spend most of the time confused. But Dad’s got a keep-it-simple-stupid attitude and he’s applied it to the book: plain English, a minimum of jargon and metaphors to help the digestion of big ideas. I understood the whole book, and I was very proud of him at that moment.

This post is unashamedly a promotion of my dad, because I think he’s great and he does good work. So if I think you should find him on Twitter or say hello on Facebook. Tell him I sent you. You could even buy the book if you like (it’s on Amazon as well)!

Thanks, Dad. But I’ll still make you pay for beating me to publication!

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