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A Free Story For Halloween

You Are Just A Guest was my first short story, about a newly married couple who move into a house that is more than they expect. It came from my own fear of ghosts, the spooky noises that houses make at night, and the idea that houses themselves might be more than we’ve given them credit for. It’s a story I’m very proud of and I’ve received some great feedback on it.

But I was never happy with the cover. So I went back to it, gave it a new cover that reflects the story better and, hopefully, gives a better feeling of the sort of story it is. I’m a lot happier with this cover and so, to celebrate, I want to give it away.

To that end I’ll be sending a code to all subscribers on 31st October, Halloween. The code will let you download You Are Just A Guest for absolutely free. Just click here or use the form in the sidebar. And, of course, all new subscribers get a code to download The Homeless Hero for free too!

I’ll be sending out the code on the 31st so sign up now to make sure you get it!

A Short Story For Halloween

I’m very pleased to announce that my horror short story You Are Just A Guest is now available to purchase from most major eretailers just in time for Halloween!

This short story has its beginnings in my English Literature degree. I wasn’t not one of those students who started their work weeks beforehand. I was one of those students who started it the night before the deadline. So I pulled a lot of all-nighters, hammering away at a keyboard and trying to ignore all the weird noises that houses make in the middle of the night.

I wrote the first draft of this story for my course and so spent a couple of nights writing about houses making weird noises while my house made weird noises. I think I was in a state of self-fulfilling terror by the time I handed it in.

Since then I’ve tweaked it and cut it down and turned it into a leaner, hopefully spookier story. (In fact, the best comment I’ve received so far is from my brother, who said he was too scared to look at his mirror any more!) So please download a copy now and let me know what you think!

I hope you enjoy it.