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Charity Zeldathon for Child’s Play

I spent a few days in a hospital as a kid. I was about seven or eight and I’d had a pretty severe asthma attack. It was all a bit weird and lonely and scary. I remember feeling a little lost too. But they had a room full of games and toys. That was kind of cool. I liked that.

Child’s Play know that play can help distract a child from their unpleasant experience so they donate toys and games to hospitals. It’s a good cause and so my brother and I are going to be raising money for it with a Zeldathon.

That’s right, a Zeldathon! We’ll be sitting down to play Legend of Zelda for 24 hours straight! We’ll start with Ocarina of Time (my favourite!) and move onto Majora’s Mask. It’s a 21st Century and totally geeky test of endurance, skill and ability to put up with Tingle. We’ll be live tweeting as well as streaming video too, so you can listen to us curse and cry and wail over water dungeons…

The fun and games start at 10:00 GMT 20th July. We know there are so many people in your life asking you to sponsor them. But if you could spare a pound/dollar/unit of your currency then we’d really appreciate it. Please donate. You’ll be improving the lives of kids in hospital and and my brother and I will try to entertain you in exchange for your generosity.

24 hours of Zelda. It’s going to be legendary.

Update: If you can forgive that bad pun, you can now donate using the widget on the right of the page. Alternatively, you can donate using this link, which will take you to the Child’s Play website.