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Get an exclusive preview of The Fey Man now

Free Preview of The Fey Man Available Now

I loves me a good preview. Trailers and snippets are all good but they always show you the best bits. So whenever I buy a new book, I always read the first few pages and I wanted to give you guys a chance to do the same with The Fey Man. But then I thought a few pages might be a bit stingy. So I thought I’d beef it up. Five chapters? Sounds like a good, meaty preview, right?

But that’s not enough. In all the excitement of imminent publication, I thought I should give you more. So I thought you might like a little exclusive content. Who doesn’t, eh? So your preview contains more than just five chapters:

  • Introduction – a short essay on how I came up with the idea for the Fair Folk Series;
  • Deleted Scene: The Founding of Tir – a short scene I had to cut for pacing, but I always enjoyed the story;
  • The Realms of Tir – a profile of the different realms of Tir, where The Fey Man takes place;
  • The People of Tir – character profiles including exclusive information and backstory not in the novel;
  • and, of course, the first five chapters of The Fey Man

You can get a copy in MOBI format for your Kindles and Kindle apps or EPUB for your iPhone/iPads, Kobos or Nooks.

Get a free preview of The Fey Man with exclusive content now!

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