The Most Important Books of the Year

It has begun: No More Books 2012. I can’t buy any books until 1st January 2013. So I’ve had the past two weeks to buy all the books I’ll buy this year. How did I do?

Pretty well, actually. I felt stocking up would undermine the result I’m hoping to achieve (to wit, reading the backlog of books I’ve built up). So I’ve only bought three books in that time. Three books in two weeks: it’s a personal best!

They were:

In Her Name: Empire by Michael R. Hicks. This looks like a good SF romp with lots of action. I picked it up because it was free, to be honest, but I’m looking forward to reading it.

Don’t Fear The Reaper by Michelle Muto. This was recommended to me by Airicka Phoenix on Twitter. A great title, a great cover and a great premise, Don’t Fear The Reaper is a dark paranormal young adult book that I can’t wait to read.

Last but not least is Charlotte Bronte’s World of Death by Robert Keefe. This is a book I found towards the end of my dissertation but didn’t have time to read. I’ve wanted it for ages and the thought of not being able to buy it for ten months was just not acceptable.

So that’s what I bought with my last two weeks of book-buying freedom. I’m sure it says something about me. I’m just not sure what.

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