James T Kelly writes the stories no-one else will tell you

A photo of epic fantasy author James T KellyJames T Kelly uncovers the unique stories that will move you.

He writes fantasy novels filled with magic, adventure, and dragons. Brian Sibley also called them “powerful”. Not to brag or anything.

He’s also written a series of books about Branwell Brontë. You’ll discover the tragic tale of a misunderstood and wasted talent, as well as seeing for yourself the work that would have secured his legacy if not for his own undoing. If you thought Branwell was just the drunken, footnote of a brother to the Brontë sister, think again: The truth about Branwell Brontë may surprise you.

Last, but by no means least, James is a brand storyteller, with a copywriting career that spans over a decade. He’s written everything from advertising copy to data protection policies, with MRI machine safety manuals and social media textbooks inbetween! If you’re looking for an experienced SEO copywriter to tell your brand’s story, look no further.

In short, James tells stories. Maybe you’d like one of them?