About Me

I’m a Norwich-based writer of whatever takes my fancy.

I wrote my first novel at fifteen, a terrible science fiction trilogy featuring aliens, religious persecution and starfighters. That got put in a box, and good riddance too (seriously, it was so bad). My first novel was published in 2014, and I’ve since written two more books in the epic fantasy series Realm Rift Saga.

I write non-fiction, too. I’ve written a series of books about Branwell Brontë, all of which can be found within The Life and Work of Branwell Brontë. That book was a real passion project which had its beginnings in my university days at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

I’ve also written Calling the Makers, a book based on extensive research and exclusive interviews with the creators of the various games based on Frank Herbert’s novel Dune. This was a really fun one to write, and it was fascinating to see how each team took a different interpretation of the same novel and made a great game from it!

During the day I work as a freelance creative copywriter over at Bite Copywriting, where I write content on anything from technology and insurance to social media, comics and video games.

I like a good chinwag, so reach out if you’d like to talk about books, films, or chocolate biscuits. I love chocolate biscuits.