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Photo of fantasy author James T KellyI’m an indie writer of epic fantasy, based in Norwich, UK.

I started writing at fifteen, a terrible science fiction trilogy featuring aliens, religious persecution and starfighters. Since I’ve written commercial copy for a number of companies, with topics ranging from technology and insurance to social media, comics and video games. I’ve even had an article published in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors journal.

I studied at the University of East Anglia (UEA), which has inspired a number of stories; You Are Just A Guest began life as a piece of coursework, and huge parts of The Fey Man have their roots in the Arthurian Traditions course I took.

My first novel, The Fey Man, was published 6th December 2014. Since then I’ve been writing the rest of the series, as well as planning more books in both fantasy and other genres.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. luciferknight

    Same story with me. I was 15 when I wrote my first novel which is thankfully buried in my hard drive. And I agree. What is a story (full stop) without dragons?

    1. James

      Hi Lucy, thanks for stopping by. Do you think it’s the same for most writers; they have a first novel buried somewhere no-one will ever find it? I’m not sure mine is even on a hard drive anymore; I think a single print out is all that remains!

      Dragons make every story better.

      1. Chris

        My first attempt at a novel is on my hard drive too. I found it recently and gave it a read for giggles. I wanted to curl up and hide in shame! Thankfully no one will get to read it.

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