Paperback copies of The Fey Man and The Unquiet Sword


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to write. Of course, the ambition of being a published author came much later, but the act of writing stories is something that, I think, has always been with me. So it truly is a dream come true to have written, and published, actual real-life books. I only hope that you enjoy reading them!

My first published book was The Fey Man, an epic Faerie fantasy novel about Thomas Rymour, a prophet who cannot lie and gets swept up in a quest to Faerie to save the world.

This was followed by The Unquiet Sword, in which Tom must use a legendary blade to free dragons and stop the invasions of the Western Kingdom.

Between novels, I also published a non-fiction book called Who is Branwell Brontë, which details the life of the Brontë sisters brother. Although Branwell was nowhere near as successful as his sisters, he was a published poet in his time; you can find out more in the book!

I’ve also published two short stories. The first is You Are Just A Guest, a short horror story in which a young married couple move into their first home, where things are not what they seem. The second is The Homeless Hero, in which a superhero struggles to balance the needs of the many with the needs of himself.