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Calling the Makers

Discover the untold stories behind the games of Dune

From video games to board games, CCGs to RPGs, find out how your favourite Dune game came to be.

Through painstaking research and exclusive interviews with designers and creatives, this book tells you the untold stories behind the Dune games you love.

You’ll get the the behind-the-scenes story of how the designers took Frank Herbert’s novel and created your favourite Dune games.

  • Future Pastimes’ Dune boardgame
  • Cryo Interactive’s Dune
  • Westwood Studios’ Dune II, Dune 2000, and Emperor: Battle for Dune
  • Last Unicorn Games’ Eye of the Storm CCG and Chronicles of the Imperium RPG
  • Widescreen Games’ Frank Herbert’s Dune
  • Cryo Networks’ ‘Dune Generations’
  • Soft Brigade’s ‘Ornithopter Assault’

If you’re a fan of Dune, games, or Dune games, this book is for you. Get your copy today.

How does a book become a game?

This book was a journey to ask a disparate group from Canada to Budapest a single question: how did you make a game out of Dune?

Some looked within the pages of Dune and saw a new type of strategy video game. Others saw a role playing game. Others still saw a flight combat simulator.

Each of them faced a unique set of challenges in turning Frank Herbert’s complex novel into a game that anyone could enjoy. But each of them also faced some of the same trials and tribulations involved in adapting the story of Dune.

Find out how Guild Navigator Edric almost killed the Dune board game.

Learn how risqué artwork nearly stopped the Eye of the Storm CCG in its tracks.

And, at long last, uncover the secrets of the Dune game that never was: ‘Dune Generations’.

You’ll find all this and more inside Calling the Makers. Your copy is waiting for you, so why wait?

My path to Dune

I wrote Calling the Makers all because I took the “wrong” route to Dune.

My first experience of Dune was Cryo Interactive’s 1992 video game. It led me to the novel, but by then it was too late. While I read Frank Herbert’s books, it was the Cryo graphics I saw as I pictured Arrakis, and it was the Cryo voice actors I heard as I read dialogue.

I reread Dune every few years. But I replay Dune once a year.

I’d often imagined how great a making-of book for Cryo’s Dune would be. But no-one made it. So I set out to do it myself, and encountered some incredible stories on the way.

Such as how there was a Dune game built and ready to ship for the GameBoy Advance called ‘Ornithopter Assault’ that never reached shelves.

Or how Jack Reda’s love of the original Dune board game led him to land a job working on the rerelease 15 years later.

And a personal favourite, how a legal misunderstanding almost meant that the Dune Eye of the Storm CCG never got made at all.

I learnt a lot writing this book, and any gamer who loves Dune will find a story in here they want to read. Pick up your copy today. I hope you’ll enjoy it.