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Fantastic Insights Survey

Find out what fantasy readers really think

Featured image for Fantastic Insights reader surveyPeople with telepathic powers will already know what fantasy readers think. For everyone else, there’s the Fantastic Insights survey.

What is the Fantastic Insights survey?

The Fantastic Insights survey polls a variety of fantasy readers across age, gender, and location to discover  what fans of the genre think about books, reading, and more.

Is epic fantasy more popular than grimdark?

How many readers download their books illegally and why?

How much do fantasy readers pay for their ebooks?

The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in the Fantastic Insights 2020 survey.

What can you learn from the Fantastic Insights survey?

There are a wealth of secrets to be found in the Fantastic Insights 2020 survey report.

For instance, did you know that 42% of readers claim to have never read a paperback or hardback?

Or that fantasy readers worry about climate change more than people who don’t read fantasy novels?

Would you be surprised to learn that readers under the age of 30 read on their smartphones more than any other device?

What does the Fantastic Insights survey cover?

The Fantastic Insights survey delves into a huge variety of topics, including:

  • Genre
  • Paper vs Screen
  • Who Needs a Hero?
  • Word of Mouth vs Reviews
  • Modern Values
  • Politics
  • Pricing
  • Illegal Downloads
  • A Typical Reader
  • Tips for Writers

Find out what makes fantasy readers tick

Discover what fantasy readers really think about the books, reading, and the genre they love. Fill in your details below and download your copy of the Fantastic Insights survey today.