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Fantasy ebook giveaways

When the world is a strange and unsettling place, spending some time in other world helps us to cope. And with so many of us being furloughed or out of work, we need to make our money go further too! So, as part of my efforts to do what little I can to help with quarantines and lockdowns, I’m collecting all the fantasy ebook giveaways I can find so that we can keep our ereaders stocked without breaking the bank!

I’ll be keeping this post updated with fantasy ebook giveaways as I discover them. If you know of one that isn’t in the list, please leave a comment and I’ll update the post as soon as possible!

Happy reading, everyone, and stay safe!

This giveaway is stuffed full of a huge selection of fantasy novels perfect for a reading session in the sun!

If you like science fiction as well as fantasy, this give away is packed with some great SFF bargains!

Another one for both SF & F fans, there’s a positively enormous selection of free SFF books in this giveaway!

If science fiction isn’t your cup of tea, how about paranormal fiction? This giveaway has a superb selection of both paranormal and fantasy boxed sets!

These box sets might not be free, but this promo is a great way to snap up some bargains!

Other ways to get free ebooks

While it’s great to see authors joining forces to give away their ebooks, there are other ways to fill up your ereading device for free.

BookBub delivers ebook deals direct to your inbox.

Signing up for BookBub is a great way to get freebies and deals in your inbox. Because you provide your reading preferences when you sign up, your inbox won’t be filled with offers for celebrity biographies or cookbooks unless you want it to be!

Another great source of free ebooks is Tor’s free ebook club. Each month you’ll be emailed with a link to download a new free ebook written by one of Tor’s authors. These are usually an effort to promote a new release, so it’s great if, like me, you don’t often snap up new releases as soon as they’re available!

Last but not least

And don’t forget that you can get a free copy of my debut novel, The Fey Man, simply by filling in the form below!

Download a free copy of The Fey Man today!