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Meet the Typical Fantasy Reader – Infographic

The incredible worlds and stories within the fantasy genre appeals to people from all walks of life, young or old, rich or poor. But is there a type of person that fantasy appeals to most?

Thanks to the latest Fantastic Insights survey of fantasy readers, we can create a picture of the typical fantasy reader. Are you a typical reader? Or do you go against the grain? Read on to find out more, or scroll to the bottom of the page to check out the infographic!

Who is the typical fantasy reader?

Thanks to the Fantastic Insights survey, we know the typical fantasy reader is a woman in her 60s who reads books in paperback and on her tablet or ereader. (In fact, all of the older readers who responded to the survey reported a preference for reading devices with larger screens.)

Or he’s a man in his 20s and he tends to read his books on his smartphone. In fact, fantasy readers under 30 prefer to read on their smartphones over all other ways of reading. He’s also more likely than she to illegally download an ebook if he thinks it’s overpriced.

What do fantasy readers pay for their ebooks?

Both typical fantasy readers think that 5.99 is the most reasonable price for an ebook. But, when you start breaking the data down by genre, things look a little different.

2.99 is the most popular price for epic fantasy, science fantasy, steampunk, and sword & sorcery readers.

5.99 is the most popular price for dark fantasy, urban fantasy, and historical fantasy readers.

And 0.99 is the most popular price for grimdark readers.

Are paperbacks dead?

Not yet. Over half of readers reported that they read paperbacks.

But 75% of fantasy readers are reading ebooks.

And the data shows that ebooks are more popular with younger readers. This suggests that, while paperbacks are still going strong, we might start to see a serious decline in future years.

What do fantasy readers want in their books?

Should fantasy novels reflect modern values? Or should they adhere to a perceived “accurate” representation of how women and minorities would have been treated in a fantasy setting?

Well, more than half of readers feel that fantasy novels should feature modern values.

When asked to comment, the survey unsurprisingly reveals a diverse set of opinions!

“Fiction has the ability to influence reality; wouldn’t it be nice if someone rethought their value system based on what they read?”

“I think that fantasy books should be more about adventure than political correctness.”

And one reader said simply, “Coco”. Make of that what you will.

Featured image for Fantastic Insights reader survey

Read the full report

From pricing to genre, politics to heroes, the Fantastic Insights survey picked every corner of the fantasy readers’ brains.

In fact, there isn’t much that it doesn’t cover!

Is epic fantasy more popular than grimdark?

How many readers download their books illegally and why?

Do fantasy readers worry about climate change more than people who don’t read?

Find out by downloading a free copy of the Fantastic Insights 2020 survey report.

Meet the typical fantasy reader infographic

Click the image below to see the full-size infographic!

A preview of the Typical Fantasy Reader infographic