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My Writing Process

This week I’m taking part in the My Writing Process blog hop, which was recommended to me by Dave Sivers. I interviewed Dave about his crime fantasy novels here, but he also writes crime novels too. He wrote about his writing process last week, so be sure to check out Dave’s blog.

So this hop consists of four questions about my work:

1) What am I working on?

Most writers have a number of different projects on the go, so I’ve always got a few short stories and a dozen novel ideas I’m tinkering with. However my main project is an epic fantasy. The story had its genesis in the Ballad of Thomas Rymour, a Scottish folktale of a man who is spirited away to the realm of Faerie. I imagined Tom would develop a sort of Stockholm Syndrome so he would want to go back once he was forced to leave Faerie.

So I’m writing an epic fantasy in which the world is embroiled in a war between elfs and men, where dragons are enslaved and turned into weapons of mass destruction, and all Thomas Rymour wants to do is get back to his beloved Queen of Faerie. Obviously it’s not going to be easy for him.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Legends and myths often play a large role in epic fantasy, but I wanted folklore and fairy tales to influence mine. It gives the world a different flavour, as the rhythm of folklore is very different to that of mythology.

The fay themselves are different, too. I wanted to do something new with them, so their personalities are tied into the time of year. For one half they are light and fey, for the other they are dark and dangerous. A fay in summer will play a harmless prank and laugh. The same fay in winter might maim you and react the same way.

3) Why do I write what I do?

That’s a tough question. I suppose a lot of it comes from reading other books and thinking “but what about this?” So what does Thomas Rymour do and feel after he leaves Faerie? What if the “good” fay and the “bad” fay are different sides of the same coin? What would really happen when a messiah came back to us? I sit and decide what I think the answers to those questions are and then I write down what I think would happen.

4) How does my writing process work?

The process itself doesn’t begin with writing. It begins years before with random thoughts and ideas that conglomerate into a “what-if?” question that interests me. That question usually prompts more thoughts, which turn into ideas and probably some research.

But the process of writing is pretty straightforward. Each morning I sit down for an hour before work and pick up where I left off yesterday. That’s it. I don’t revise or rewrite unless I feel it’s crucial; I just write the next thousand or so words. Sometimes if the hour doesn’t go well I’ll write in snatches throughout the day. But, if I’m lucky, the hour produced some good work and I’m free to spend my time thinking about the next hour or about future projects.

I find the routine helpful; as time has gone on it needs less time to change gears and be ready to write. Doing it first thing also means that, no matter what the rest of the day is like, my writing is in the bag. It also can’t be affected by the detritus of the day!

Anyway you’ve probably heard enough from me. Time to hand over. I’m passing the hop to two fantastic authors: Ginny Lurcock and M. Latimer-Ridley!

Ginny Lurcock lives in New Hampshire with her husband whom she adores, her daughter whom she also adores, and their cat who she likes alright. Her father and his two cats also inhabit the space.


When not writing, she enjoys playing games (of the board and video variety) or reading to the point of obsession (she’s not an addict, she can quit whenever she wants), watching intelligent television, mindless television, sports, movies and listening to music.

Basically, she likes all the things.

And somehow, she still manages to find the time to be bored.

You can check out Ginny’s blog next week to read about her writing process. Check out Bad Blood in the meantime. It’s excellent.

Latimer (Karen) and Ridley (Rachel) are two eccentric best friends with far too many obsessions and a frightening addiction to tea. When they aren’t reading stories filled with magic, passion and adventure, they’re writing them. A writing duo for the last nine years, they’ve always dreamed of sharing their imaginary worlds and quirky characters with others.

While they live in Ireland, they would love to spend their lives travelling the world. But for now, they can be found happily wandering the internet.

Check out M. Latimer-Ridley’s blog next week to see their take on this blog hop.

In the meantime, tell me how your writing process works or about your WIP in the comments below!