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SEO freelance copywriting

What do I do?

In a nutshell, I write persuasive, SEO-optimised marketing copy that helps organisations reach their customers and win new business.

I’ve been working with B2B and B2C brands and charities for over a decade, providing both traditional and digital content. I’ve provided all kinds of writing-related services, matching all sorts of Tone of Voice, including:

  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Ghostwriting
  • Brainstorming
  • Campaign creation
  • Content management
  • Content strategy

If you want to work with an experienced copywriter, get in touch.


There’s only one reason to write anything: to persuade the reader of something.

Perhaps you want to make the reader buy a product. Perhaps you want to make the reader buy into an idea. Perhaps you want them to think of you as an authority on a subject. Whatever your purpose, you want the reader to think differently by the time they reach the end of your writing.

You do that by researching your readers, finding out what they think and feel and need, and writing the content that they want to read.

This is how I approach copywriting. It’s how I help my clients make money, raise donations, or make the world a better place.

How could it work for you? Let’s find out.

Email marketing

Email is, in many ways, the most powerful tool at a content creator’s disposal because it lets you deliver personalised content to a prospect whenever you want.

Personalising email content can boost transaction rates by up to six times as much as non-personalised content. Take a look at the article I wrote for Campaign Monitor about the power of segmentation if you’re interested in personalising email content.

Coupled with tools like A/B testing, automation, and more, it’s possible to see incredible results with email marketing. In fact, I’ve used A/B testing on a subject line to double a client’s open rates. And that’s just the beginning.

Want to supercharge your email marketing? Let’s work together.

Content strategy

You might have heard that content is king, but there’s a new monarch in town: strategy.

The premise of content strategy is simple: content strategy makes the different types of content you produce work together to support a focused plan.

Like many things, a simple idea can be difficult to execute. You’re talking about integrating your web copy, social media, email marketing, print media, and more into cohesive experiences for people who won’t always experience it in the same order.

It can get complex. But that’s where a content strategist like me can help.

Case study

I’ve used content strategy to help a client achieve a 98% increase in organic web traffic.

The client, British Assessment Bureau, had developed a large catalogue of web content, but it wasn’t all working as well as it should. Inconsistent styles, thin, irrelevant, or competing content meant that some of it was doing more harm than good.

After conducting a full content audit, I trimmed almost 58% of the existing content and got to work updating what remained and plugging the content gaps I had identified.

This left their content easier to navigate for both people and search engines, resulting in the aforementioned boost in traffic and a 29% increase in organic quote form enquiries.

If you’re ready to enjoy results like that, let’s talk about what your content strategy could look like.

The story

I fell into content marketing almost by accident. My dad attended a networking event and met a woman who was starting a new social media management company, New Media Angels, and needed a writer.

“My son writes,” my dad told her, though in truth most of what I had written was a series of terrible science fiction novels.

“Let’s have a meeting,” she replied. And we did, and she offered me the job of “Wordsmith”, which to this day is easily the coolest job title on my CV.

Since then, I’ve spent over a decade writing web copy for motor insurance claims companies, proofreading books for a charity project manager, created entire marketing campaigns for legal indemnity insurers, written web comics for educational toy vendors, and so much more.

I’m grateful to have worked with such a variety of clients. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to work together soon.