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The Fey Man is Up For an Award!

Well this is pretty exciting news: The Fey Man is up for an award!

The award is called an Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers’ Choice Award (an EFFy for short, apparently), and winning would be a huge boost to my books.

The winning book will be chosen by a select panel of judges.

But before those judges could even begin to start reading the entries, books had to be nominated, and part of that involved a reader vote. I was beyond thrilled to see that readers came out in droves to vote for The Fey Man. It would be great to win, but just seeing how many people deemed The Fey Man worthy of nomination was really rewarding.

So what happens now?

The judges will be reading all of the entries over the summer, and then books will move in the quarter finalist stage, and then a finalist will be chosen. There’ll also be a Judge’s Favourite award, so there’s two opportunities to be a winner.

But, honestly, if I don’t win, it’s great just to be nominated. It’s amazingly rewarding to see so many readers vote for The Fey Man. But it also means I can now say it’s been nominated for an award. Hey, when it comes to marketing, you use every string you’ve got in your bow, right?