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The Realm Rift Saga

Cover art for the Realm Rift Saga ebook bundleAn invisible, immortal enemy stalks the mortal world. And it’s ready to strike.

Thomas Rymour spent seven years trapped in Faerie, at the mercy of its ruthless inhabitants. Broken and abandoned, Tom has struggled to find peace. But the creatures of Faerie aren’t finished with him yet.

From the frozen heights of the world to its labyrinthine depths, Tom will face immortal creatures, terrifying dragons, and undead monsters on his impossible quest to save the people he loves and the world they live in.

But how can he defeat an enemy that cannot be killed?

The Realm Rift Saga is a series of four thrilling epic fantasy novels:

The award-nominated The Fey Man
The Unquiet Sword
The Northern Wastes
The Last Knight of Tir
(not yet released)

Download your copy of the first book today; it will include details on how to get the second book for half price!

A bundle of the first three books is also available through Kindle Unlimited.