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How to save money on the ebooks you want

Do you buy your ebooks from Amazon? If so, I’ve found an ebook price tracking website that you really should check out!

Have you ever bought an ebook only to see it for a cheaper price just days later? It’s annoying, isn’t it? The last time that happened to me, I’d bought a Star Wars novel. I paid 4.99 for it and three days later it was 0.99. (And it wasn’t even that good!)

But I’ve discovered a website called eReaderIQ that makes it easy to track the price of any Kindle ebook.

You can track any Kindle ebook on the Amazon US, UK, or Canada stores. Each book page shows you the historical pricing of the book. It also gives you a straightforward recommendation: buy it, or track it, depending on whether the site thinks a price drop is likely.

Getting started

The "sign in" button on eReaderIQ also lets you create an accountHit the “Sign In” button when you visit the site and you’ll be given the option to make an account. You’ll need to do this in order to get notifications about price drops, but don’t worry; you only need to provide an email address! Once you’ve registered, you can start using the search bar to find books you’re interested in.

Once you select a book you want to track, you’ll be shown the cover image and the current price, but you’ll need to scroll down to see the really interesting stuff: eReaderIQ’s recommendations and data.

eReaderIQ provides a buy/track recommendation and a price history for every ebook on Amazon

If you don’t want to delve into detail, you can simply check the recommendation: track it, or buy it. In this case, eReaderIQ is advising we track this book because it’s been at a cheaper price within the last year.

But the information under ‘Price Summary’ is really useful. Because, while eReaderIQ can see the price has been lower, that price drop might have been the first in 10 years. Odds of another price drop might be pretty low, then! So make sure you give this info a quick scan before making your decision. There’s also a handy graph for those of us who like pictures.

eReaderIQ offers a visual representation of price fluctuations for Amazon ebooks

Once you’ve decided to track a book, you can go on with your life; eReaderIQ will send you an email as soon as the price of the book drops!

Track by author and add your own books

Here's how to find an ebook's ASIN on AmazonYou can also track price drops by author, so you’ll get an alert any time a book by your favourite author is on offer.

And if you search for a book and eReaderIQ can’t find it, don’t worry. You can use the Price Drop Tracker to add the book to the database using either the URL of the book or the ASIN.

What’s an ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Every product on Amazon has a unique ASIN. You can find a product’s ASIN under the ‘Product Details’ section of an Amazon product page. It’s buried amongst a bunch of other text, though, so I’ve highlighted in the image to help you pick it out!

Pros and cons

Of course, there are some clear downsides to this service. If you want to read a particular book right now, eReaderIQ can’t help you find a good deal; it only monitors Amazon, and then only in the US, UK, and Canada. So it’s really only suitable for keeping an eye on books you know you want to buy, but aren’t in any rush.

That said, the potential savings are huge, and I’ve saved loads even in just the short time I’ve been using it. So, if you get your ebooks from Amazon US, UK, or Canada, it’s definitely worth taking a look at eReaderIQ.

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