Review: Terry Pratchett’s Nome Trilogy

“They say things like ‘How are you?’ and ‘Have a nice day’ and ‘What do you think of this weather, then?’ What these sounds mean is: I am alive and so are you.”

No More Books 2012 didn’t just mean I couldn’t buy new books; it meant I couldn’t reread any I already owned. That was tougher than I originally thought. I didn’t realise how often I reread my favourite books and I missed it terribly. So one of the first things I did this year was reread one of my favourite trilogies.

Terry Pratchett’s Bromeliad Trilogy is, in a word, brilliant. It tells the tale of the nomes, little people that live amongst us unnoticed. This group is led by Masklin who wants nomes to be able to go home and be safe. And he learns that home is another planet.

Made up of Truckers, Diggers, and Wings, these are kids books written in the best way possible. They don’t talk down to the reader and there are plenty of jokes for the adults too (although some of them are a little groan-worthy).

“Do you not even remember that you are shipwrecked?”
“I’m Masklin,” said Masklin. “I don’t know who shipwrecked is.”

The nomes are very literal-minded and don’t quite understand the human world (not unlike children themselves) which grants Pratchett carte blanche to make fun of anything and everything. He has a gift for picking out the ludicrous in our lives and ‘explaining’ it in the most hilarious way. He doesn’t hold back here. Nor does he shy away from big ideas. I’ve reread these books a dozen times each and they’re still making me think!

Humans were big and stupid, that was true enough, but there was something unstoppable about them and they seemed to be controlled by bits of paper.

If you’ve ever thought of reading a Terry Pratchett book, you couldn’t find a better introduction. Short, hilarious, a great story and it will even make you think a little. I cannot recommend these books enough. The fact that I’ve reread them a dozen times tells you everything you need to know.