The Fey Man

Cover to The Fey Man, epic fantasy novel by James T KellyA land plagued by dragons. A mortal entranced by a Faerie Queen. A quest that could save his realm… or doom it forever.

Thomas Rymour is hopelessly infatuated with the Queen of Faerie. On a mission to find a way into the realm and reunite with his love, he makes a pact with an elf lord to steal a legendary magic sword in return for a way inside. But in a land where dragons prowl the skies, he starts to wonder if his quest could prove fatal.

When Thomas tricks a powerful duke, his plan backfires and soon he is running for his life. Forced to defend himself in a world of dragons and magic, he races to find his queen before the deadly flames catch up with him. If he fails, he may lose his own land to the Western Kingdom forever.

The Fey Man is book one in The Fair Folk epic fantasy series. If you like fierce dragons, flawed heroes, and faerie mythology, then you’ll love James T Kelly’s magical blockbuster.

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