The Fey Man

Cover to the epic fantasy novel The Fey Man by James T KellyThe incredible epic Faerie fantasy novel Brian Sibley called “Powerful”!

Thomas Rymour is the prophet who cannot lie, a former captive of Faerie, and the only man who can find the magic sword of ancient King Emyr. A sword that brings the elfs of the East, draped in the bones of their ancestors, knocking at his door; they seek to use the blade against the advancing dragon armies of the Western Kingdom.

Old friends and new will take Tom on a journey across realms both mortal and immortal to save Tir from a tyranny of dragons. But the denizens of Faerie have plans of their own; they’ll jeopardise the freedom of Tir for their own amusement, and they’re not done with Tom yet.

Can Tom escape the magics of Faerie and bring freedom to Tir?

★★★★★ “You’re basically guaranteed to love this book”Amazon Review

★★★★★ “I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fantasy novel”iBookstore Review

★★★★★ “Drama and adventure”Amazon Review

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