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What is Skerry Books?

The Skerry Books logo

If you’ve ever closely examined the information on a product page for one of my books, you’ll have noticed that the publisher is listed as Skerry Books. If you’ve ever wondered what that is, here’s the answer.

It’s me.

Independent publishing is a funny old game. Each vendor seems to do things slightly differently. They might want the cover image in a different size to everyone else, they might require an ISBN number, or they might require a publisher name.

In the case of the latter, some indie authors just put their own name in that field. But that seemed a bit dull to me. So I put in Skerry Books.

I set up a limited company, called it Skerry Books, and filled in that name instead.

(Quick tip: setting up a limited company as an indie author is a bit of a pain, an unnecessary expense, and generally I wouldn’t recommend it.)

Why Skerry Books?

Honestly, because of Neil Gaiman’s A Game of You. It’s a marvellous storyline in his Sandman series and the first time I came across the word ‘skerry’. I immediately liked the word which, if you don’t already know, is a small rocky island that’s too small for human habitation. You usually get clusters of them around a stretch of coastline. It seemed like a good metaphor: tiny worlds scattered around the author that were too small to live in but on which you could stand for a time.

And thus was Skerry Books born.

The Sandman picks up the entire skerry. Such is the power of Dream.

The logo was designed by the irrepressible Howard Coates, and we even gave it a Latin tagline for fun: quia sufficit porcus. If that means anything to you, hit me up.

Now that mystery is put to bed, you probably want to know more about some of the books I’ve written? Perhaps I could interest you in an epic fantasy series?

P.S. There are no jobs going at Skerry Books, nor will I publish your book for you. I’ll offer all the help and advice I can, but Skerry Books is just a bit of whimsical fun.

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