The Unquiet Sword

Cover to The Unquiet Sword, book two of the Fair Folk seriesThe Western Kingdom must fall.

With no food, no horses, and a traitor in their midst, Thomas Rymour has small hopes of freeing the dragons magically enslaved by the Western Kingdom.

But there are scattered malcontents in the Kingdom, indentured dwarfs and fanatics seeking to bring about the end times, that might be persuaded to rise up and lend their aid.

At least he has the ancient sword, Caledyr. A sword that whispers to him, gives him the strength he needs to see this journey through.

Because they closer they get to their goal, the more uncertain it becomes. Is this a quest for liberation or vengeance? Are they freeing the dragons or punishing a kingdom?

Is it the sword that thirsts for violence and blood? Or is there something dark growing inside Tom himself?

The second installment in the Realm Rift Saga and the sequel to The Fey Man, download The Unquiet Sword from your favourite ebook retailer now!